We are happy to invite you to Tbilisi, Georgia to take part in the 35th IUSTI-Europe Congress to be held Thursday 29 Sept-Saturday 1 Oct 2022.

This will be the first face to face IUSTI-Europe Congress since the COVID19 pandemic. IUSTI-Europe2022 will continue the tradition of previous Congresses and have a broad Scientific Programme for both practitioners and academics, as well as an active social programme. We will make every effort to use our experience of holding the successful IUSTI-E Congress in 2010, and to make it even better in 2022.

Tbilisi has a unique historical environment to be enjoyed, to complement the Scientific Programme. We will ensure that you will have an unforgettable experience, whether you were with us in 2010, or are coming to Tbilisi for the first time in 2022.

After 12 years we are looking forward to welcoming you to Georgia once again.

The Scientific Programme of the IUSTI-Europe Tbilisi Congress is aimed at the practicing DermatoVenereologist and GenitoUrinary Physician in Europe and beyond.

It will highlight the latest information in our field, and the challenges that we meet in our daily work. It will strive to invigorate and stimulate our practice, to inform and improve our approaches to the problems and challenges of the rising tide of infections, and bring the best to our patients, and to public health.

We have sought the opinion of our Council Members in formulating the Programme. The Congress will focus on Syphilis, including congenital syphilis; the many aspects of HPV, both benign and dysplastic; new diagnostic tests; antimicrobial resistance; guideline implementation; genital dermatology and aesthetics; and the interface between Venereology and other specialties.

Joseph Kobakhidze
George Galdava
Arne Wikström
Chair of the International Scientific Committee